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"SuJok" is a combination of two words. In Korean 'Su' means hands and 'Jok' means feet. Thus, SuJok actually means treating on hands and feet.

SuJok Acupuncture is a Physical & Metaphysical, Natural Therapy of healing without drugs.

It is an instant and effective healing therapy without medication and is absolutely safe and does not have any side effects.

SuJok helps in curing diseases like Arthritis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Cervical, Spondylitis, Backache, Joints pain, Migraine, Hypertension, Sinusitis, Deafness, Paralysis, Constipation, Acidity, Obesity, Diabetes, Blood-Pressure, Menstrual Problems and many more chronic disease related to different organs of our body.

"SuJok" is divided into many fields such as:

Six-Ki Therapy,

Auricular Therapy,

Head Correspondence Therapy,

M-Particle Therapy,

Colour Therapy,

Chakra Healing,

Time Acupuncture,

5 Element Therapy,

Yin & Yang Principle etc;

SuJok is the most effective therapy and can Treat any Problems related to Kidney, Heart, Lungs, Brain, Liver or any other organ of a human body.

Sujok Is Latest Form Of Any Such Science Available When We Talk Of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Colour Therapy, and Magnet Therapy Etc.


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Su-Jok- is an universal method of influence on feet and palms by needles, curing method of diseases without taking any medicines and without doing harm to your organism. This method may be called a very supportive in first aid at acute disease.
The method is special for every disease and it doesn't require huge financial expenses or special medical knowledge, profound skills and intricate devices. Everyone can use this method at any age with benefits to the health.
Many people are familiar with acupuncture and its varieties such as trigger point massage, influence on biologically active points by heat, electricity, etc. These methods of healing are used only after a long professional studying and practice.

Korean doctor Park Jae Woo discovered a unique sanitation method of organism to heal via hands and feet. He proved that there are some zones on feet and palms which connected with all organs and systems of an organism. Pathological changes in the organism are shown by morbidity of these zones, and influencing on them in the various ways, especially by acupuncture, brings medical effect.

Look carefully at your palms:

Hands and feet are part of the body that are subject to mechanical and other kinds of irritation during walking or any other work. Those irritations provide maintenance of health in the organism, due to them we are not sick constantly. Don't we start to rub our hands first when it is cold? Aren't warm feet a basis of a comfort in cold times?
When illness occurs in a specific place of your body, points and zones of high sensitivity appear in the systems of conformity of hands and feet. If we influence these points there appears an impulse that goes to area of illness and points of pathology in your organism that in turn starts to heal itself.
Each finger on a hand and a foot is similar to a whole persons body. The finger has 3 parts - phalanxes. The body also has three parts without extremities - a head, a chest cell and a belly cavity. These parts are neatly separated from each other on the body and on the finger. It is so-called system of conformity of "insect".

Hands and feet are projected on each end of phalanxes according to the basic system of conformity. Hence, they are similar to the whole body. This is a mini-system of conformity.

The essence of healing is to find in one of the systems of conformity a zone of conformity to sick organ or a place the most painful points and to influence on them by one of following methods: by a needle, mechanical massage, a magnetic field, warming up, influence by electricity, color etc.
These actions at initial stages of diseases can lead to recovery and allow prevention of the development of acute and chronic illnesses. Giving practical recommendations for treatment, we talk only about influence on the hand because it is easier to treat your organism via hands. Active points on feet are also very effective at treatment. Anyone can find the points of conformity on the feet guided by pictures of the hands, because hands and feet have identical structure.

  • How can painful points be found?

    By probe (or anything with a rounded end with a diameter approximately 2 mm) press on the conformity zone of organs on a palm as much as you can bear the pain. It is necessary to note, that at initial search of points, pressing should not be too strong because it may appear that all points are painful. Searching the necessary points it is important to increase the pressure gradually. The points which are more sensitive to pain at the same level of pressure, should be chosen as the conformity points for treatment.

    Here is a brief description of influence methods on the points of conformity.

  • Mechanical massage.
    Press the most painful of the points found up to a tolerant pain and by vibrating movement massage it within 1-5 minutes. Thus, it is possible to do it not only with one or several points but also to massage the whole zone of conformity by a proper massage roller or a special massage ring. To influence the points of conformity mechanically you may use many improvised means such as fine stones, metal or other material balls, seed grains, etc. These things are pasted by a sticky plaster on conformity points and are massaged periodically.

  • Magnet method.
    It is possible to put magnets on conformity points fixing them by sticky plaster. The magnet should be arranged on the most painful point. The magnet has southern and northern poles. Please check up suitability of polarity to your organism. If your condition becomes worse, change the vector of the magnet to opposite one.
    Read further MAGNETOTHERAPY

  • Biological energy of seeds.
    We all know about the force of sprouting seeds when gentle sprout punches through solid ground. Their potential energy is used in therapy. The seeds are pasted by a sticking plaster on a zone conforming to pathological process. The seed influencing on points of conformity is applied in two ways - mechanical (the most effective seeds are those that have sharp sides, for example, seeds of buckwheat) and bio pathological power influence.
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  • Warming up
    Heat has a stimulating influence as extending energy. That's why, warming up of points of conformity gives positive effect for number of diseases connected to lack of energy or surplus of a cold. Warming up is performed by special wormwood sticks (moxas) that should be placed directly on skin to warm up the point of conformity. Warming up points of conformity on hands and feet can be accomplished by anything that generates heat.

    Zones for warming up energetic points.

  • Powerful Color
    Many diseases especially diseases connected with external manifestations may be healed by color therapy. If external illness appears only by reddening without swelling and pain, it should be treated by black color. If illness is shown by swelling, itch, weak passing pains, it should be treated by green or dark blue colors. If illness is manifested by significant but not constant pains and occurrence of erosion, it should be treated with red and yellow colors. If illness is indicated by strong constant pains, or the appearance of ulcers, and the affected area gets a gray-black color, it should be treated by yellow and red colors. To apply color therapy it is necessary to paint points of conformity by a marker of definite color.
    Treatment by color has a good effect to heal skin diseases.
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    The Advantages of Su-Jok Therapy
    The method includes several directions: diagnostics, treatment, prevention and improving. Su-Jok therapy has become well-known in practice of modern medicine due to its high efficacy and low expenses.

  • HIGH EFFICACY. You may observe the effect in few minutes or even seconds.
  • COMPLETE SAFETY and NON-TRAUMATIC TREATMENT. Wrong application never harms the person-it is just not effective, as against the traditional Chinese system demanding knowledge of details.
  • The Method is Universal. With the help of Su-Jok all illnesses can be treated, it is possible to treat any part of a body, any organ, any joint.
  • AVAILABILITY of the METHOD TO EACH PERSON. In Su-Jok therapy it is not necessary to learn and remember anything. The essence of a method needs to be understood once, then you can use it the all life.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION. Your palms and feet, your knowledge is always with you. You will always find the appropriate tool for medical help.
    The special tools developed for Su-Jok therapy are usually used, but if you do not have them, it is possible to stimulate bioactive points with the help of a toothpick or a match.

    Treatment of functional and organic disorders in which Su-Jok therapy is applied:

    1.DISEASES of NERVOUS SYSTEM (osteochondrosis, insomnia, neuralgia, neuritis, neurodistrophical syndromes, hernia of intervertebral disk, consequences of concussion of the brain);
    2.DISEASES of VEGETATIVE NERVOUS SYSTEM (vasomotor dyscrasia of various genesis, neurotic syndromes, overfatigue-defatigation);
    3.VASCULAR DISEASES of CEREBRO-SPINAL AXIS (early atherosclerosis, vertebrobasilar dyscrasia, speech disorders after apoplectic attack);
    4.CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS (hypertensive disease- mild case, cardiac neurosis, hypotonia, anaemia, myocarditis, microcardiopathy)
    5.DISEASES of RESPIRATORY SYSTEM (chronic bronchitis, tracheitis, bronchial asthma without pulmonary heart disease);
    6.DISEASES OF DIGESTIVE APPARATUS (chronic gastritis, duodenitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, chronic enterocolitis, peptic ulcer disease, intestine dyskinesia, hemorrhoid, chronic noncalculous cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia);
    7.DISEASES of URINOGENITAL SYSTEM (acute and chronic cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, prostatitis, impotency, urolithiasis);
    8.DISEASES of ORAL CAVITY (stomatitis, periodontitis, glossitis, toothache, gingivitis);
    9. OTOLARYNGOLOGIC DISEASES (otitis, cochlear neuritis, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinuitis, genyantritis (sinus trouble), amblyacousia (diminished hearing), anosmia);
    10. DISEASES of LOCOMOTOR APPARATUS, MUSCULES (arthropathy: polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis, acropathy, arthrosis, myositis, scapulohumeral periarthritis ( Duplay's disease, frozen shoulder), posttraumatic pain syndrome);
    11. GYNECOLOGY (menopause, adnexitis, mastopathy);
    12. OCULAR DISEASES (St. Claire's disease (conjunctivitis), optic neuritis, blear-eyedness (delacrimation), iridocyclitis, pain in the eyeballs, immature cataract);
    13. ENDOCRINE SYSTEM DISTURBANCE AND METABOLISM (obesity, diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism (thyroid insufficiency);
    14. SKIN DISEASES (neurodermatitis, dermatitis, local and common hyperhidrosis, allergies);
    16. SEXUAL DISORDER (libido decline, premature ejaculation);
    17. Chronic alcoholism, smoke addiction, abuse of narcotics (abstinence symptoms), toxicomania (abstinence symptoms).


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    Coniferous needles, leaves, petals, grafts and especially seeds (fruits) are powerfull and very efficient for stimulation of therapeutic points and correspondence areas on hands and feet.
    Plant's seeds are living biological items having mighty energy and own magnet fields.
    Such seed can easily come in contact with an energy of a human-being engulfing malignant energy and giving a vital and healthy energy in turn. It is very often the seeds mutate-shrivel, crack and even crumble after treatment. Seed therapy is complete fool-proof, painless and comprehensible plain to everybody.
    Furthermore, long-term illnesses are treated by seeds in a quiescent state, acute diseases - by almost sprouted kernels. It is very effective a massage with large seeds or stems of chestnut, walnut, stone of mango, strobile, maize (corn) ear.

    Usually seeds or other parts of plants are attached with sticking plaster directly to unhealthy organs or those parts of palms and feet which correspond to them. The most painful points are selected with the help of diagnostic probe, or just toothpick, match, etc. The consecutive pressing on such points should be of equal force. If you are not sure that you can hit plumb centre, attach several seeds so that to cover supposed zone with them.
    The application of seeds can last from few hours to one day or several days, if it is necessary to continue stimulation of the point, they should be renewed. Seeds have a great life force and come to interact with affected organs and restores their energy potencial. After treatment seeds can change their structure, shape, color (lose energy potencial, become fragile, black, enlarge or decrease in size, shrivel, crack or even fall to pieces). But it is not advised to use the plant seeds which are poisonous or allergenic for you or environmentally unsound products, also don't fit green, defective or dead seeds.

    Seeds can be used as massagers. To stimulate larger corresponding zones (zones of stomach, liver, lungs) you can use peach, mango stones, walnut, horse chestnut, cones of coniferous trees. For smaller and medium zones of correspondence (heart, urinary bladder, eyes, nose) you can use the stones of dates, acorn, chestnut, hazelnut, alder cones, ripe wheatear, stones of cherry or corn seeds, cedar nut. Bamboo's trunk or twigs, stalk of flax, lemon, onion bulb, potato tuber, carrot can also be used as massagers.

    The seeds can be selected due to configuration which resembles the shape of an organ. 1) Oblong seeds - upper and lower limbs, intestine, lips, nose; 2) Spherical - eyes, head, breast; 3) bean-shaped - kidneys, stomach; 4)shape of peach- urinary and gall bladders; 5) racemose - pancreas.

  • eye disorders, head and mammary glands problems can be cured by round seeds (cherry, black pepper, pea);
  • cerebropathy - walnut;
  • heart- guelder (arrowwood, cranberry bush),buckwheat or pumpkin;
  • kidneys, stomach - bean;
  • intestines, veins, long bone- oats, brome grass;
  • backbone, joints - bit of culm or carnation stems.

    The seed stores an information about whole plant and possesses its healthfulness. If you know effects of drug plants it will be easier to pick necessary seeds to cure your disease:

  • magnolia-vine (on the brain zone) - stimulation of working efficiency, elimination of drowse;
  • bird cherry (zones of large and small intestines)- diarrhea;
  • briar (dogrose) (zones of liver and gall bladder)-affections of the liver (hepatopathy);
  • pomegranate stones (granatum) (zones of ear and eye)- ocular and aural diseases;
  • flax (zones of mouth and large intestine)-constipation and toothache;
  • pea (zones of kidneys and urinary tracts)-urolithiasis;
  • corn (maize) (pancreas)- diabetes;
  • claw (zones of lower limbs)-varicosity,thrombophlebitis;
  • rice (bronchi zones)-bronchitis, bronchial asthma;
  • arrowwood (snowball), hawthorn (zones of head and heart)-hypertension;
  • dill and fennel (zones of large and small intestines)-meteorism;
  • watermelon (zones of kidneys and urinary tracts) - edemas

    Along with the seeds, plants can also be used. For instance, the stalks of bamboo, pinks, cereals and other plants resemble finger, hands, feet joints. To heal joint problems the stalk of these plants can be used as massagers or applied to the corresponding zones of joints.
    There are some plants resembling the shape of spine, so, the twigs of fern resemble a thoracic spine. Stalks, leaves and seeds of such plants can be used for spine and chest curing.
    Some seeds, for example, seeds of flax contain a thick juice, they can be used for curing of inflammatory processes accompanied by myhopoiesis (rhinitis, gastritis, bronchitis). Similar seeds can be applied if there is a malignant accumulation of body fluids and edema.

    Clusters of mountain ash, guelder, hawthorn resemble the shape of a thrombus. Such seeds can be applied for diseases associated with increase of blood coagulation and as a prevention of thrombosis. The berries of buckthorn, cowberry, cranberry are cold-resistant and do not change their properties on freezing. Their seeds (berries) can be used to relieve a cold, flu. In summer, early morning in the country, walk barefoot on the grass till the dew dries up, and feel Nature's force in your hands, feet and your entire body.

  • Who is the inventor of Sujok Therapy?

    The Sujok Therapy, try-origin model, Six ki, Sujok ki, etc. have been discovered by Prof Park Jae Woo “Father of Sujok” and a great scientist of Korea.

    How different this therapy from other treatment?

    This wonderful therapy is simple, quick, instant, non-invasive and has no side effect. It is one of the most wonderful alternative therapies for treating any type of pain in the body.
    How useful Sujok in Liver Ailments?

    Sujk Theraphy has proved a boon for curing various diseases .Problems of brain, eyes, nose, throat, abdomen, chest, sexual organs, muscular pain, tendons, ligaments, fatty liver and hypertension, etc. can be tackled.Liver correspondence points near the base of palm towards little finger. It can be activated with acu life electronic device, diagnostic probe, seeds or magnets. Etc.

    This theraphy is popularly known as pain killer therapy particularly head, neck, sciatica , arms and legs et.
    What about Diabetic patient?

    Sujok Acu-pressure is particularly very effective in treating diabetes .

    Do you have any solution for Sciatica pain?

    Yes. It has. Sciatica gives unbearable pain to the paitients. It is long nerve and runs from the lower lumber region upto the 4th/5th toe nail generally through the side of the leg. The most powerful areas are the hip, knee, calf and ankle etc. It has three main categories (a) gall bladder meridian type (b) Urinary bladder type
    ( c) Kidney Meridian type.
    What is about Spinal Problems?

    Sujok Acu-pressure is one of the most effective therapies in treatment of spinal problems. The spinal column is divided in three parts. (a) Upper spine, b Middle Spine (c)Lower spine.Prof. Park Jae Woo, plotted the whole spine on the thumb, back of palm of hand, fingers and toes. The seven vertical vertebrae are marked on yang side of thumb starting from first joint up to the second joint. Similarly 12 thoracic, five humbar+five sacral+4 coccyres are shown from second joint to the lowest joint touching the wrist joint. The lower spine has also been represented on the inner side of the heel of foot. Leg is also represented by the middle finger and hand by the index finger-upper joint of middle finger with ankle, middle joint with knee and last joint with hip.

    Can it cure Migraine & Cervical Problem?

    Sujok system has emerged as one of the most effective alternative therapies in the treatment of migraine and cervical spondylitis. One acu-point on the back side of upper joint of index finger is pressed ten times in about ten seconds and it gives much relief in pain in the front side of the head.Similarly the occipital areas of brain can be treated by pressing point on the backside of the lower joint of thumb ten times.

    Is it helpful in Headache ?

    Headache can be removed with sujok acu pressure the pain may be due to tumer, abscess, menimgegitis, allergis, high low blood pressure,anxiety, sressand anemia. Even problems of eyes, nose , ear,constipation gasto-intetinal diseases may be removed within minutes.
    What is your message about this therapy?

    Patients who are in pain should come forward to learn and try this wonderful therapy. Because it is simple, quick, instant, non-invasive and has no side effect. Moreover, it is one of the most wonderful alternative therapies for treating any type of pain in the body.
    Quick and Instant Relief

    Within Minutes

    For appointment call :9638233303

    Natural Materials

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    Treatment is done in Sujok using Micro needles, Micro Magnets (like Star Magnets, Byol meridian Magnets (N&S), Bar Magnets, Chakra Magnets), Micro&Mini Moxa, Rollers, Ring Massagers, Inserters used for inserting needles, Seeds and many natural materials.

    Curing Diseases

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    SuJok helps in curing diseases like Arthritis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Cervical, Spondylitis, Backache, Joints pain, Migraine, Hypertension, Sinusitis, Deafness, Paralysis, Constipation, Acidity, Obesity, Diabetes, Blood-Pressure, Menstrual Problems and many more chronic disease related to different organs of our body.

    Su Jok for Instant Pain Relief

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    Su Jok for Instant Pain Relief

    By Park Jae Woo

    Nature appears to have designed the human body as a hologram of multiple overlapping micro-correspondence systems. The current stage of discovery and application of these microsystems is only beginning.

    There are different patterns of foot-organ correspondences, in addition to patterns for the scalp, nose, face, hand, finger and eyes. For example, there are various corresponding systems of auriculotherapy, most notably the Chinese and French models. There is even a system of organ correspondence along all of the long bones of the body.

    It is apparent that no particular system is the "right" pattern. There are many reasons for studying and applying microsystems. They are very efficient to administer; they give instant results (especially in acute pain situations); and they are safe to apply.

    I believe energetic medicine practitioners will be better able to serve their clientele if they have multiple treatment options at their disposal. It is this belief that motivates me in the continuing research and development into the microsystems of the body.

    Su Jok Therapy

    "Su Jok," translated from Korean, means hand and foot. The hands and feet represent a mirror image of the anatomy of the human body with all of its associated organs and structures. The hands and feet are like remote control centers through which the functions of the body can be both assessed and treated. I have found that the more similar one part of the body is in form to another part, the more effective it is as a corresponding point control center.

    Illustration showing individual hand and foot correspondence to the body. Figure 1: Individual hand and foot correspondence to the body. Looking at the hand in Figure 1, you can easily see the similarity of the hand, with its two legs and arms, neck and head, in relation to the human body. The same kind of superimposition can be done with the foot. The foot corresponds to the torso, and the toes to the arms. This similarity between structures gives the first clue to the effectiveness of the system as a diagnostic and treatment "control" center. The correspondence for the backside of the body is shown in Figure 2.

    Theories of Su Jok

    Back view of the hand-body relationship. Figure 2: Back view of the hand-body relationship. Su Jok energetic theory is founded on the theories of traditional Oriental medicine, but it goes beyond that. This article is too brief to explain the entire energetic theory except to mention the names given. The foundation theory that provides a rationale for understanding and treatment includes: energy-flowing theory and therapy; six ki harmonization in the body; eight origins and six energies theory for meridian and charka treatment; emotion and mind treatment; and treatment through time and space energies. In addition, there are various alternate correspondence mappings of the body onto the hands.

    Applying Su Jok

    The first step, as with any approach to healing, is to understand the exact nature of the patient's problem. If it is a pain syndrome, or is accompanied by pain, it is crucial to know the exact location of the patient's pain. It is also important to assess the limitations of movement visually.

    The second step is to learn the relationship between hand and body. Studying Figures 1 and 2 will give you an idea of these relationships. Basically, the yin side of the body is represented on the palmer side of the hand; the yang side is represented on the dorsal surface. This information allows you to correctly search for the corresponding point on the hands.

    The third (and perhaps most important) step is to learn how to diagnose and find the exact corresponding point(s) to treat. Because of the importance of this step, critical aspects are outlined below.

    Diagnostic Criteria

    The following five criteria will aid you in finding the correct corresponding point(s):

    1. The corresponding point will be more sensitive to pressing. If there is pain, spasm, irritation or inflammation in some part of the body, it will be reflected in all of the corresponding systems as a lower pain threshold to palpation. In other words, it will be more sensitive to external pressing.
    2. First, find the general corresponding area of increased sensitivity, then probe in very tiny increments for the most sensitive hand and/or foot points. Due to the relatively small size of the hand/foot in relation to body size, small movements on the hand represent relatively large distances on the body.
    3. Pressing the correct reflex or corresponding point will result in the patient blinking, wincing, or quickly pulling the hand/foot away. The quality and intensity of the reflex pain will be significantly greater than that due to pressure on non-corresponding points. Only when you see that reaction will you know you are on the correct point.
    4. The sensitivity to pressure of a corresponding point will have a direct correlation to the pain level in that part of the body. Acute, high levels of pain in the body are reflected as great sensitivity; low-level, chronic pain is reflected as less sensitivity.
    5. Because of electrical variations in skin resistance, the skillful use of electrical point finders will take practice.

    If there is pain or some limitation of movement in the body, you can be assured of the presence of a sensitive corresponding point on the hand/foot. You may find many sensitive points, but the correct reflex point(s) will be very sensitive.

    Stimulation and Treatment

    Su Jok contains many methods of treatment. One method we experience every day is by walking on our feet and working with our hands. This gives us constant, random stimulation on corresponding points; however, purposeful hand and foot massage (also known as hand or foot reflexology) is even better. There are many methods of stimulation besides mechanical pressure, including:

    1. Miniature magnets designed both to give both mechanical and magnetic force stimulation;
    2. Moxibustion in the form of: (a) moxa sticks; (b) moxa the size of rice grains held on the hand or foot by small holders to prevent direct contact; and (c) direct thread moxa;
    3. Massage rollers to stimulate the hands and feet;
    4. Soft lasers;
    5. Miniature hand needles; and
    6. Colored transparent plastic discs placed strategically on charka hand points.

    Other methods will be developed based on our technological and biological advancements in understanding on the physical and quantum levels of human functioning.

    Seeing is Believing

    I suggest you try an experiment for yourself. Find a test client: a friend, colleague, family member or patient who has neck pain. For this experiment, try to find someone who has an acute condition, not a long-term, chronic condition with structural damage. Assuming your client has tightness on the left side of the neck at about the level of the fourth cervical, apply Su Jok as follows:

    1. Observe and document your client's limitation in movement and ask them to rate their pain level from one to ten, ten being the most painful condition possible. Also check their range of motion and degree of muscle tension.
    2. Next, grasp the thumb of their left hand such that you can roll the side of a round object, such as a ballpoint pen, along the length of the left dorsal surface of the thumb. To perform this step properly, think of how a rolling pin is rolled over dough, and you will have an idea of the rolling process. Use the rolling technique on the corresponding area of the hand. You may have to vary the pressure to find the most sensitive area. During this process, you will find a place where the client will indicate a higher degree of sensitivity.
    3. Having isolated a target area, search for a precise location with a smaller tipped instrument. For example, use the ball end of an ear probe many acupuncturists use for auricular point location. The tip must not be so sharp that it creates skin pain. This masks the inherent tenderness. If you conduct the search carefully, you will definitely find very sensitive, painful points. These are the relevant corresponding points.

    Applying Treatment

    The next step is to apply treatment. Your treatment has actually already begun by using pressure to search for points, but to improve your results, you can:

    • apply a tiny hand magnet commonly found in acupuncture supply catalogs;
    • use a vicaria seed of the type used on the ear; or
    • employ tiny hand needles (do not use the normal body needles, as most are too large and painful).

    Testing the Effectiveness of Su Jok

    Immediately, or within a matter of minutes, your client will recognize a decrease in pain and a release of tight muscles. Begin by asking the client to assess their pain level from one to 10. It is not unusual to get a 100% pain decrease almost immediately. Also check range of motion and muscle tension, as these will likewise improve amazingly.

    Some clients will report a feeling of warmth or other sensation in the neck area. After treatment, request that the client perform massage over the corresponding area two or three times a day.

    This simple procedure will often resolve the problem in a short period of time. This same procedure can be used for pain or discomfort in any part of the body. You will be amazed at the immediate resolution of pain and problems. Listed below are several cases that illustrate different problems and treatment modalities, especially moxibustion.

    Case Studies

    Case 1: Female patient, age 76. The client's complaints included general weakness and pains in the leg joints. She was unable to walk, and had great difficulty in trying to raise her feet or sit down.

    Treatment: Stimulation with mini moxa of the basic energy points on the yang and yin surfaces of the hand. Warming of the points corresponding to the knees and hips was also included (see Figure 3 for the yin surface moxa pattern.)

    Moxa treatment was given every two to three days for approximately one month. At that time, her relatives contacted the institute to say the patient had begun taking walks.

    Basic moxa points on the yin surface of the hand.
    Figure 3: Basic moxa points on the yin surface of the hand.

    Case 2: Male patient, age 12. This client had meningitis at age nine. Although the infection had long ago been eliminated, he continued to have severe headaches and fatigue, and he was unable to attend school. These symptoms were brought on by the slightest mental or physical strain.

    Treatment: Needling was not tolerated by the boy, and no positive effect was noted. A two-day course of mini-moxa on the basic points of the yin surface of the hand showed a significant improvement (see Figure 3). Moxa was continued twice per day for one week. At the end of the week, his headaches and fatigue disappeared, and he was able to resume schooling and activities natural for a boy his age.

    Case 3: Female patient, age 34. This client presented with severe pains of a boring nature in the heart region, secondary to influenza. The pain radiated across the chest and down the arm into the little finger. Extreme body weakness, tachycardia and nighttime sweating characterized her sub-febrile condition. Her EKG revealed signs of myocarditis.

    Treatment: Moxa warming was provided to the energy related points and those related to the heart and kidneys in the standard hand correspondence system (see Figures 3 and 4). Only six sessions were needed to significantly improve the patient's general condition and to eliminate all of her symptoms of myocarditis.

    Heart and kidney corresponding areas.
    Figure 4: Heart and kidney corresponding areas.

    Case 4: Female patient, age 45. The client complained of severe pain of the fifth right maxillary tooth region. X-rays showed clearly a dental root granuloma. The zone corresponding to the tooth, located in an ancillary correspondence system, was massaged with a point probe and warmed with mini-moxa (see Figure 5). Post-treatment x-rays showed a reduction in the granuloma. Pain was significantly reduced, with only temporary dull pain during chewing hard pieces of food.

    Area corresponding to the fifth right maxillary tooth.
    Figure 5: Area corresponding to the fifth right maxillary tooth.

    The next level of treatment enhancing the effects of correspondence therapy involves the micro-meridians of the hands.

    Micro-Meridian Therapy

    A set of micro-meridians that correspond to the body meridians has been mapped on the hands. For more difficult diseases, in which corresponding points do not have the capacity to affect the necessary correction in bodily function, treatments are applied to the micro-meridians similar to those using body meridians.

    Su Jok theory includes a specific method of diagnosing the energetic balance of the body through a unique system of muscle strength testing. The following case illustrates the diagnostic terminology and micro-meridians of the hand as mapped in Su Jok therapy.

    Case 5: Ma1e patient, age 44. In June 1995, as a result of a road accident, the patient received a compound fracture of the left elbow bone. In spite of medical treatment and a fixing pin, the bones failed to reunite. In 1997, Su Jok needle and self-massage treatment were initiated (see Figure 6). After nine sessions, with the patient massaging the appropriate finger correspondence area with a massage ring, x-rays showed that the bones had become united. The fixing pin was removed; two weeks later, the patient was able to resume working.

    Illustration showing sedation and tonification using micro-needles.
    Figure 6: Sedation and tonification using micro-needles.

    Scope of Su Jok Medicine

    A main advantage of Su Jok therapy is its immediate and strong treatment effect, which can be received without additional pharmaceutical drugs or medical apparatus. Su Jok therapists have a considerably wide range of options for treating diseases, including neurological diseases; acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases; cardiovascular diseases; endocrine diseases and metabolic abnormalities; emotional disturbances; and addiction problems.

    Healing Energy Part 2

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    Healing Energy Part one

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    sujok therapy

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    Su Jok Training

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    Colour relates to 'Vibration' and in the recent years physicists have established that all matters including our organs is really an energy which works by and under influence of vibrations.

    Our ancestors in the healing arts, especially our yogis, the chinese or fareastern healers, recognised the powerful effects of using colour for healing. They codified their practices, assisting us, many centuries later, in approaching similar practices with clarity.

    A cell in the human body is like a battery cell - full of energy fields and vibrates in a microscopic energy sense. Electrical activity is the property of all living systems. There is a universal code of bio-currents by which living organisms regulate, grow and recuperate. From the moment of conception, which is resonance between two vibrations of male and female seeds-electric current begins to flow in the tiny embryo, guiding the incredibly intricate process that culminates in birth. These flows of biocurrents produce electrical electromagnetic fields, which ultimately vibrates around the nerves, tissues, muscles or organs concerned. Disturbance in these fields or vibrations portend disease and illness. This is the basis of SUJOK Acupressure/Acupuncture diagnosis and treatment. But now we know that colours have their own vibrations, or energy fields, it follows quite logically that colours can influence our bodies and its functioning, by using colours on proper correspondence points.

    Seven colours of the spectrum consist of the colours - VIBGYOR - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These seven cosmis rays and their mixtures are responsible for creation, maintanence, and destruction of the universe. They impart life, health, young, old age and death and thus regulate all beginnings and ends.
    RED Red represents Fire. It has been lower wave length and it is at the heat end of the spectrun. Red is a great energizer, father of vitality and strength. Red is the dominant colour of the base - Muladhara chakra" and is the colour which earths us to this planet.


    Red splits the ferric salt crystals into iron and salt. The red corpuscles in the blood absorb the iron and the salt is eliminated by the kindneys and the skin. This makes Red a good colour and can be used to treat anaemia or iron deficiency. Red being a great energizer and stimulant is related to masculine energy. Through its effect on haemoglobin, it increases energy, raises body temperature, and improves circulation. It is, therefore, possibly a good colour to use for paralysis. Red stimulates and excites the nerves and the blood. Red activates the circulation of the blood, excites the cerebrospinal fluid and sympathetic nervous system.
    Red is contra indicated in case of emotionally disturbed people, excitable temperaments, fever, inflammatory conditions, insanity etc. Red colour when used in conjunction with its complementary colour Turquoise is beneficial for controlling inflammatory and infections. Red increases the blood circulation, enabling the system to cope more adequately with the infection, whilst the Turquoise helps to reduce any inflammation. In Sujok Acupuncture, application of red and Turquoise are suggested on the correspondence areas related to any part of the body where there is inflammation.
    These two colours as an example can be used on lungs correspondence in case of pneumonia; or large intenstine correspondence areas in case of constipation; on uterus correspondence in case of infertility, etc.
    ORANGE Orange is the symbol of energy. Orange colour is akin to the feminine energy, the energy of creation. It is more gentle than the dynamic, vitalizer, masculine energy of Red but it is also complementary to it. That is why these two colours should be used in balance and harmony. Orange is the colour of joy and dance. Orange ray can be used to treat kidney and gall bladder stones. Frequently it has been observed that these stones are caused by our own bitterness or resentment against other people or life in general. Orange has been proved beneficial in cases of chronic bronchitis, and with regular treatment can clear any build up of phlegm and the cough which accompanies it. Orange also has antispasmodic effect and should, therefore, be used for muscle spasm and cramps. Orange acts on spleen and pancreas to help ascimillation and circulation. Orange is thyroid builder and stimulant. Orange aids the calcium metabolism of the body, corrects bone softness and cures rickets. Blue is the complementary colour of orange. These two colours as an example can be used on head colds; on thyroid correspondence for head colds; on thyroid correspondence for stones; small intestine for general digestive track treatment; ovaries for benign cysts; uterus correspondence for prolapsed uterus; prostate correspondence for general treatment of prostate; rectum and anus for prolapsed rectum; on lungs correspondence for bronchitis, etc. YELLOW Yellow is the symbol of the mind and intellect. Yellow rays carry positive magnetic currents which are inspiring and stimulating.
    Yellow has a stimulating, cleaning and eleminating action on the liver, intestine and the skin. Yellow purifies the blood stream. It activates the lympathic system. Yellow is a mild tissue and the skin. It is a motor stimulant and nerve builder, nad can generate energy of this colour, it can manifest as partial or complete paralysis. It is. therefore, the colour which is used to treat these conditions.

    Yellow works with skin by improving its texture, cleansing and healing scars and other disorders such as eczema. It is used for all rheumatic and arthritic conditions being helpful to break down the calcium deposits which have formed in the joints.
    Violet is the complementary colour of Yellow.

    Being a colour of detachment, if used in excess, a person can become detached from people and environment.

    Yellow, along with its complementary colour Violet, as an example can be used on correspondence points of spine for treatment of paralysis; parathyroid correspondence for osteopsorosis; shoulder correspondence in case of frozen shoulder; liver corresponence for jaundice; stomach correspondence for indigestion; pancreas correspondence for diabetes; sacro illiac joints correspondence for arthritis; anus correspondence for arthritis; anus correspondence for piles, etc.
    GREEN Green is the natural colour. It is the colour of balance, harmony and sympathy. Green is the colour of nitrogen which is the largest component of the atmosphere. It builds muscles, bones and other tissue cells. Green has antiseptic properties enabling it to be used for infections. It can detoxify the body and bring balance to negative and positive energies. It also balances the body, mind and spirit. Balancing of these three aspects create wholeness to the person. Green acts upon the sympathic nervous system. It relieves tension in the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Green dialates the capillaries and produces a sensation of warmth.

    Dr. Kelly in U.S.A. had shown by an experiment that Green light destroys embryonic cell structure. He suggests that a malignent or cancer cell is very similar to embryonic cell's pattern to create a physical body for a soul to incarnate into. The cancer cell has no such pattern and, therefore, creates unwanted tumours in the body. Green is also piuitary stimulant and equilibrator. In the light of this knowledge, Green with its complementary colour magenta can be used on correspondence points of effected organs and body parts to treat malignant tumours.

    For example, Green with its complimentary colour Magenta be used on correspondence points area of pituitary or tumour area points viz. lungs, stomach, liver, colon, ovaries, uterus or breasts, etc. For cancer - malignant tumours treatment; kidneys correspondence for nephroma; spine for back disorders, etc.
    "TURQUOISE PRODUCES A FAVOURABLE CHANGE IN THE PROCESS OF NUTRITION AND REPAIR IN RECENT DISORDERS. IT IS ALSO A SKIN TONIC AND REBUILDS BURNED SKIN." Turquoise is not normally associated with the seven major chakras. It is the last colour which appears out of the blue half of the spectrum. Turquoise is possibly associated with Thymus Chakra, so it should work with immune system and should be used to boost the immune system of the body. Possibly this could be a good colour for people suffering from AIDS. It should help to prolong their life by strengthening the immune system which the H.I.V. virus destroys.
    Turquoise produces a favourable change in the process of nutrition and repair in the recent disorders. It is also a skin tonic and rebuilds burned skin.

    Turquoise along with its complementary colour RED can be used when inflammation is present. This has been discussed under Red.

    For example, Turquoise and its complementary colour RED can be used on the correspondence points of sinuses for sinus inflammation, throat correspondence for throat inflammation and problems; ear correspondence for ear infection; kidneys correspondence for nephritis; bladder correspondence for cystitis, etc.
    Blue symbolizes inspiration, devotion, peace and tranquillity. This makes it an excellent colour in healing purposes. Unlike Red, Blue is a colour which slows down and expands. That is why Blue is used to treat tension, fear, palpitation, and insomnia. Blue will reduce inflammation being a dominant colour associated with throat chakra. It is frequently used for problems occuring in this area, e.g.laryngitis, sore throat, tonsilitis, goiter, etc. "UNLIKE RED, BLUE IS USED TO TREAT TENSOIN, FEAR, PALPITATION AND INSOMNIA. BLUE SHOULD BE USED ALONG WITH ITS COMPLEMENTARY COLOUR ORANGE TO BRING ABOUT A STATE OF JOY AND PEACE."
    Blue should be used along with its complementary colout ORANGE to bring about a state of joy and peace.

    This team can be used on correspondence points for many complaints. For example, for injury and pain on spine correspondence for epilepsy on head correspondence; for stiff neck on neck correspondence; for eye strain and glaucoma on eye correspondence points; for goiter and hyperthyroidism on throat correspondence points; asthma and pleurisy on lungs correspondence area; for tachycardia on heart correspondence; for frozen shoulder on shoulder correspondence; for hepatitis and jaundice on liver correspondence; for ulcers on stomach correspondence; for constipation on illiocecal valve correspondence; for diarrhoea on colon correspondence; for sciatica on sciatic nerve correspondence; during pregnancy on ovaries and uterus correspondence; for mastitis on breast correspondence, for enlarged prostate on prostate correspondence; etc.
    VIOLET Violet is a beneficial colour for psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and manic depression. It also help sciatica. It is motor nerve depressor. Violet is good for bone growth. It helps scalp disorders. It promotes production of leucocytes, white (Violet) blood cells. Violet decreases muscular activity, including the heart and is cardiac depressor. Violet stimulates and builds the spleen.

    YELLOW is the complementary colour.

    For example, following Sujok correspondence areas/points may be treated with voilet and yellow. Head for scalp disorders like baldness; eye correspondence for cataracts, sciatica correspondence for sciatica; spine correspondence for spiral meningitis, etc.
    MAGENTA Three higher chakras are situated above the crown chakra. Yogis say that these three chakras can be experienced through deep meditation.
    "ON THE EMOTIONAL LEVEL, MAGENTA SIGNIFIES LETTING GO OF FEELINGS WHICH ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT." The first of these radiates pale Magenta rays, the second radiates white rays of good consciousness, and the third radiates that sacred darkness out of which all things become manifest.
    This colour, on physical and mental level, enables us to let go og ideas and thoughts patterns which are no longer right for us. If we hold on to ideas and conditioning which originated in our childhood or adolescene, we become fixed and rigid and this prevents us from growing and evolving.

    On the emotional level, Magenta signifies letting go of feelings which are no longer relevant, In order to grow and learn from our present situation, we have to let go emotionally of the past. This is the first step to the art of living. It may not be easy, but we have to practice and perfect.

    Magenta is emotionally equillibrator and auric builder. This colour builds and equilibrates and balances functional activities of the heart, blood circulatory system, kidneys and adrenals and reproductive system.

    The complementary colour of Magenta is Green, the colour used for malignancy. At times, Magenta has to be chanelled through for cases of cancer. In this case, follow this colour with complementary colour Green.
    How to treat with colours? You may prepare an instrument with coloured glasses or slides concentrated with sharp ray of light coming out of the apperture directly on the correspondence area or point.

    If you are using proper torch with light coming out of quartz crystal, you have to project light for 1 to 11/2 minutes. In other cases, you can project light on the point for 10 mins. each.

    In case you do not have light apparatus, you may apply coloured links on the correspondence points, and allow the link colour to remain for four hours.

    Various type Massage

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    Elastic massage finger ring

    Elastic massage hand ring
    ELSATIC MASSAGE RING: Massage Rings are designed for a thorough stimulation of the fingers & toes. A very effective method of treatment through the system of correspondence, they are used when whole arm, leg & considerable parts of the trunk are involved in the process.

    The Ring is put on each finger by turn & is intensively rolled up and down along the finger till the massaged finger gets slightly pinkish in color and becomes warm,(please be careful if your skin is delicate do not over do it), such massage is useful for the preventive & the health improving purpose.
    Only precaution to be taken is that the ring should not be retained in a stationary position on your fingers. Ring massage is effective for patients with diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, joint problems, spinal, Respiratory system, Digestive, gastrointestinal & Loco motor systems. The application of massage ring is a simple method of stimulation, accessible to everybody, as it does not require accurate location and points and patient can massage them at any convenient time or when need up to 3 times a day

    Thumb pad
    THUMB PAD: A plastic multi pointed headed implement mounted on the Thumb as a crown, are used for superficial stimulation of correspondence areas located on flat & rough surfaces like areas corresponding to our abdomen organs on the palm inner & rear side. Massage with pressing action is provided till a sensation of warmth & reddening in the corresponding area appears. It helps in all digestive problems, arthritis, headache, loss of memory, all joint muscular pain, paralysis, skin problem, obesity, skin, ear and eye problems. Etc…

    Hand Massager
    HAND MASSAGER: Hand held spring massager is used 4-5 times in a day, by pressing and pumping action with fingers for 2-3 minutes at a time. This stimulates all tips of fingers and area corresponding to heart, pancreas(for diabetes) and stomach. Hand massager helps in diabetes, all hear problems, HBP, LBP, cholesterol, migraine, hand and feet numbness etc

    Massage ball

    Various massage balls

    PLASTIC MASSAGE BALLS: It is to be rolled on the both sides of the palms and fingers to get the desired effect. One has got the choice of color, to meet with energy requirement of the point to be massaged, like Red for LBP, weakness in the body, lethargy, cold and numbness of hand and feet, paralysis, parkinsons..Blue for stress, fatigue, HBP, headache, all joints pain. Yellow & Green together for obesity, indigestion, acidity, constipation, muscular pain, diabetes etc.

    JIMMY & DIAGNOSTIC PROBE: A jimmy helps to search for the curative point of correspondence & for their stimulation with help of acupressure. After correct finding the points with the jimmy. They should be massaged strongly enough to provide the affected area with necessary amount of curative waves. As massage proceed the pain in the point will decrease & get replaced with sensation of warmth & the condition of the point with help of others like- Ring, Thumb pad & fix seeds.

    Vibro Stimulator

    Vibro Stimulator
    VIBRO STIMULATOR: It is most effective and painless method of treatment. It can be used for anybody and easy to use n hand and feet. Where the patients need not worry about locating the pain corresponding points accurately to give stimulation, large areas are simultaneously stimulated thus acting on a large area of organs or body part, Vibro stimulator is good for patients with chronic problems like paralysis, obesity, hormonal problems, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, general weakness, bladder & kidney disorders, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, spinal problems, etc. It is an electrically operated stimulator that should be used three times a day. Comes with detachable pads..single pointed..for spinal and slip disc problems etc.,medium pad pointed for the joints problems, for problems of arms and legs, cervical sponylisis,etc, large pad for problems of chest, abdomen and body back problems,. etc

    Seed (methi)
    Seed (peas)
    Seeds of plants : seeds are the most frequently used natural stimulators of the correspondence points. Intact seeds of suitable size and density and capable of sprouting are selected for treatment. These are usually seeds of buckwheat, apples, millet, radish, beet, peas, beans, pepper, grapes, etc. Fresh seeds covered by natural shell are the best.
    Seeds are fixed in points of correspondence with an adhesive plaster. Seeds are used not only as agents of mechanical stimulation. They carry information about the whole plant and have particular energy properties that are partially manifest in their colour and shape. During stimulation exchange of energy between the seed and the point of correspondence occurs. Seeds can be similarly applied for action on the energy points.
    The Colour of the seeds is selected depending on the diseas. In inflammation it is better to use seeds of black, brown or white color. With lithogenesis (stone formation), destructive and other processes caused by the energy of coldness, it is better to use seeds of red or yellow colour with edamas, dull aches, heaviness apply green or black seeds.
    Seeds can also be selected on the basis of shapes to particular shape similar to that of the affected organs. eg. Kidney problems use seeds of peas, beans in cardiac pathologies seeds of guelder & pumpkin.

    MOXA : Moxa is a simple and accessible method of thermo therapy. Good results are acvhieved by heating the points of correspondence in the majority of acute and cronic diseas. In Su Jok therapy the warmwood cigars, mini and micromoxas are widely used. Moxa heating of correspondance points is widely practiced to relative pain. They are meet affective in all sorts of pain, weakness, indigestion, gas trouble, paralysis, fatigue etc.

    Metal Stars
    Metal Stars :The metal star is a prolonged action applicatior to the correspondence point. Metal star enhance the colour of the star producer a marked selactive of enhancing stimulating activity. eg silver stars used for acidity, fever, headache all mascular and joint pain, back disorder, migrain, epilepsy, paralysis, indigestion, gastious, cough & cold cold hands & feets, face of energy, It can be used for 24 hrs

    Star Magnets
    Star Magnets: Mechanical stimulation of a correspondence points produced by this applicator is intensified due to magnet star magnets are usually applied for several thousands increases organ functions star magnets are good for curing all diseases fall against different systems of the body eg paralysis, obesity joint pain, etc These are various types of magnetic are available like Byol magnets round magnets or ring magnets, Bar magnets.

    Advanced colour therapy

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    Color Therapy

    For centuries it's been known that colors can dramatically affect our health, inner harmony and even our emotions. With the help of color the medical effect can be got which the conventional West medicine cannot receive with traditional approaches.

    Color is a living energy. It is a property of light. Light is an electromagnetic energy produced by the sun in different wavelengths. As the light is absorbed and reflected we end up with different colors. Everything in nature is full of color. Vibration forms everything in life. The universe is only the energy in vibration. Our body has energy fields (called charkas). All of our organs are comprised of vibrating atoms. All of us have our own unique energy system and our organs have different vibrational patterns. We all emit color.
    Light has different particles called photons and microwaves. Light penetrates everything, even our bodies. Light also emits wavelengths that we cannot see (ultraviolet). These wavelengths contain radiation, which is energy. Energy is Qi and life. Now it is revealed that the length of a wave defines its color. In our environment there is an enormous quantity of waves with different frequency characteristics.
    Moreover, concrete frequency and color corresponds to each organ. Having the electromagnetic nature the color cooperates with the energetic structures of a human body, strengthening or suppressing their vibrations. Significant changes in energy structure of the person invariable entail changes at a physical level.


    The method of color therapy is based on the law of resonant colors interaction, conterminous to frequency characteristics of body. There is a resonant interaction of zones of hands and feet (chakras energy points, acupuncture points of meridians and waves surrounding them) to similar frequency of a color source (artificial or natural). The set of frequencies related to musical notes is an example how colors works. If you place two properly tuned guitars in the same room and pluck the A string on one guitar, the A string on the second guitar will also ring. This is because the sound frequency of the A note traveled across the room causing the resonant frequency of the A string on the second guitar to sound. Likewise, the body's organs have their own resonant frequencies related to the charkas and meridians. Hence, we can "tune " our bodies for optimal wellness through color therapy by exposing our chakras and meridians to the specific color needed. The light beam is as language of the organism cells which communicate with each other, and they do so via photons and microwaves. The color scale promotes restoration of the energy balance broken by illness. Different colors give off different wavelength frequencies and these different frequencies have different effects on physical and psychological functions and consequently different disorders.
    Colored light can be used directly on the body's health and immuno strength, affecting the body and the emotions. It does not alter the material make up of the body, but rather the vibrational aspect, similar to homeopathy.
    The treatment itself involves the application of colored light to the acupuncture points on the skin with an instrument that resembles a simple pen light. It does not use needles or pierce the skin. Rather the color sensitivity of acupuncture receptors on the skin is used to absorb the colored light. Acupuncture meridians then channel healing information encoded in the light to targeted cells and the brain where it is needed.

  • RED stimulates brain wave activity, increases heart rate,On jogas' representation, every chakra depending on frequency of vibrations prevailing in it has own color. The aura of the healthy person has pure colors. The mechanism of many illnesses is caused by infringement of color (electromagnetic) harmony, mixture of colors, and also deficiency of the certain color necessary for normal activity of the organs and mind-emotional condition of the person. respirations and blood pressure, excites sexual glands. It energizes the first chakra (coccyx). It warms us and awakens us physically and energizes our blood. It is a good color to wear when we have colds and poor circulation. Too much red can over stimulate and make some illnesses worse. High blood pressure is an indicator of too much red energy in the body. It is a color for war, prosperity, fire, and rising sun. Spiritually it is the root color of fire and connects us to our physical self.
  • ORANGE is the color of joy and wisdom. It affects the second chakra (sacral). It gives an energy, stimulates appetite and it is a good color for illnesses of the colon and digestion. Spiritually it is the color of joy. It connects us to our emotional self.
  • YELLOW is the solar plexus chakra. It energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, stimulates appetite and helps in digestive problems. Spiritually it is the color of wisdom and connects us to our mental self.
  • GREEN affects the heart chakra. It has a calming effect and balances the nervous system. Green color is soothing, relaxing mentally as well as physically, helps those suffering from depression, anxiety, nervousness. It is a good color for cardiac conditions, high blood pressure and ulcers. Since green stimulates growth, it should be avoided in cancers and other tumors. Spiritually it is the color of love and connects us to perfect love.
  • BLUE is the color for the throat chakra. It is a good color in respiratory illness or throat infections. Blue is calming and cooling to our system and hence, a good color to counteract hypertension. Spiritually it is the color of health and connects us to holistic thought.
  • INDIGO is the color for healing of the brow chakra. It is a good color for sinusitis, immunity problems, and all face problems. Too much of this color can cause depression. Spiritually it is the color of intuition and connects us to our unconscious self.
  • VIOLET is the color of the crown chakra. It is cleansing, strengthening, and awakening, suppresses appetite, provides a peaceful environment. It affects the skeletal system of the body. It is a good color for improving immunity, cancerous conditions, and arthritis. It also purifies the system and is an excellent color for headaches and migrains. Spiritually it is the color of faith and connects us to our spiritual self.


    You can practice some exercises to heal your chakras.
    * Balancing the chakras. Take 7 clothes of different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Put violet cloth on the crown chakra. Place the rest clothes over your body at the appropriate chakra. Relax, and breathe deeply for 5 minutes. The body will absorb these colors and saturate the charkas, in that way the vibrations in your body will be balanced.
    * With a deep breathing imagine that you breathe air into every part, every organ of your body.
    This air is transformed then into different frequencies of energy. Inhale slowly though your nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Inhale and exhale to the count of 5. Place the tip of the tongue to the palate of the mouth during breathing. See and feel the air coming in at a certain color. This exercise can be done for 10 minutes in the morning.
    * This exercise is used when you feel that some basic color needs stimulating. Water can be infused with the color by placing water in colored glasses and exposing the water for 3 hours to sunlight. The next day drink the water. Water can be also placed in the glass with the colored paper over it and being exposed to the sunlight for 3 hours.

    Colortherapy is a prolonged method of stimulation. This method of healing is carried out with the help of:

  • felt-tip pens,
  • markers,
  • color varnishes,
  • color pencils.

    Treatment by color can be performed on finger meridians, on chakras, painting the certain points by the certain color following the laws of colors interaction (and consequently, energies) and thus changing the energy potential (balance) both in the point, and in all meridian, and, hence, in organ.